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Chapter Organics

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Chapter Organics

Charlotte sought the expertise of North Core Creative to create two captivating and purpose-driven videos for her business, Chapter Organics.


The initial project centered around a promotional video highlighting the essence of ‘Aromatherapy.’ Our goal was not only to visually captivate the audience but also to immerse them in a sensory experience that was as soothing to listen to as it was to watch. The result is a harmonious blend of visuals and sounds, meticulously crafted to induce a state of relaxation and connection with the therapeutic world of aromatherapy.


For the second video, tailored exclusively for Chapter Organics’ corporate clients. Designed to cater specifically to the needs of corporate audiences, it transforms training into an enriching and empowering experience, setting a new standard for corporate training videos.


Charlotte went on to say, ‘Thank you for perfectly capturing our brand and bringing our
story to life… SERIOUSLY WOW’. Businesses like Chapter Organics are why we love creating videos as they are genuinely excited to see their business on screen and understand and value the power of what we can offer through video content.


Chapter Organics