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What We Do

Engaging, Purposeful And Creative Video

Whether you’re looking to elevate your brand, demonstrate your product/service or create engaging content, North Core Creative are your trusted partner for turning ideas into unforgettable visual experiences.

Corporate video

Corporate videos are a fantastic way to grow your brand awareness, increase your online presence, and build trust with your target audience. Here at North Core Creative no matter what type of project you’re looking to create, we’re here to make it a reality. With a full proposal and breakdown, a quote will be generated at the start of the project, with no hidden fees and exceptional professional service throughout.

Promotional video

Unlock the power of promotion with captivating videos tailored to elevate your personal brand or business presence. Engage your audience, boost retention, and establish yourself as the go-to authority. Share these dynamic videos on your social platforms or website to ignite conversations that resonate and leave a lasting impression. Take the first step and let’s start the conversation today!

Event filming

North Core Creative use video techniques as a way of capturing the atmosphere of your event. From awards evenings to seminars, event videos are commonly used to showcase your work, increase your reach and easily share within your community. Event videos successfully create an illusion, allowing everyone to feel like they were there. Prices will vary depending on the needs of your video… but at North Core Creative we will strive to get you the best product for your business.


Photography is ESSENTIAL for businesses on social media… CONTENT IS KEY!

Whether it be a latest offer, positive news, Meet the Team or a look around the venue, a perfectly crafted image is essential for pushing the message forward.

Social Media

No time to focus on your social media? North Core Creative are offering a social media plan, giving your business quality and consistent content that helps you connect and build trust with your audience.

The plan will consist of:

  • 1 -3 days of Filming and Editing P/M (depending on what your business needs)

  • Videography and Photography with Scheduling at extra cost.

  • All Equipment will be included

  • A meeting scheduled each month to plan the specific content based on your marketing strategy

  • Travel will be included up to 30 miles, then priced at 45p per mile.