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Senior Stairlifts

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Senior Stairlifts

We first met Kieran, Director of Senior Stairlifts, at a local networking event who explained he was looking for a video that shows who Senior Stairlifts are, how they interact with their customers and how they always deliver the best service.


With just two filming days scheduled, planning and execution were essential to deliver a high-quality video that would resonate with the target audience.


We worked closely with Senior Stairlifts to understand its unique selling points, target audience, and overall marketing objectives.


In addition to the brand video, our team also created a series of eye-catching social media images tailored for distribution over the next six months and creating a set of assets that will define them as the market leader for stairlifts.


We are excited to continue our partnership with Senior Stairlifts and help drive further growth and success in the future.


Senior Stairlifts