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/ Photography / “Photography helps me to relive memories and moments I thought I’d forgotten” – George Cooper

“Photography helps me to relive memories and moments I thought I’d forgotten” – George Cooper

Welcome to North Core’s Creative Hub! We have created this space to showcase a variety of media professionals and enthusiasts within the industry. From Art Directors to Graphic Designers, we will be highlighting some of the most creative and talented individuals in the sector as they hope to inspire and share their stories with you.

First up we have George Cooper, a Video Creative at LADbible and an exceptionally skilled and experienced Photographer. Always the adventurer, George has captured some of the most beautiful, unique and distant parts of the UK and beyond as he continues to search for the next best photo. Here, he tells us what made him want to become a photographer.

Photography helps me to relive memories and moments I thought I’d forgotten

George Cooper: I would say my true passion for photography began when I started to become independent a few years back. I’d like to tell you this was when I turned 18… it wasn’t. It was after finishing University when I was 21. I got my first car and finally had enough money to travel – I felt free and like I could go wherever I wanted to.

Through Instagram and travel books, I discovered just how many beautiful places existed around the world, and I knew I wanted to document them with my camera. At first, it was through video and photography. Now, it’s mainly just photography.

Alongside that, I have the memory of a sieve! Photography helps me to relive memories and moments I thought I’d forgotten. For that reason alone, I encourage everyone to practice some form of photography. The human brain can’t be trusted with memories, but your camera can!


NC: What is your favourite memory from a shoot?


GC: Hands down, my favourite memory comes from the small Portuguese island of Madeira. It was our first day there and we decided to head out to catch the sunset, only to be met by thick cloud. After an exhausting day of travelling, we decided to just chill out with a few beers. If the cloud cleared, great. If not, we were happy to just sit there and enjoy the drinks!

After thirty minutes of chatting and drinking, the cloud went down and left us with the most beautiful view. We were alone in the clouds. I got some incredible drone photos and videos, but the memories I made is what will stay with me.

That evening I was given a stark reminder to never let photography consume my intentions. The whole reason I started doing photography was to create incredible memories, and that should never change.


NC: Are there any creatives that inspire you?


GC: I follow a lot of content creators on Instagram, and my list of inspirations constantly changes based on my own personal development. Currently, the main three photographers I take

inspiration from are: @withluke, @chris_j_houston and @lorden.visuals. All three have a unique style to their work, regarding composition and editing.


I also take a lot of inspiration from those closest to me. When travelling with friends, we bounce ideas off one another – it’s the main way I’m able to consistently take photos during week-long trips! Surrounding yourself with other like-minded people can spark amazing results.


NC: Focusing on pre- and post-production, what does your process look like?


GC: Pre- and post-production are the longest stages, unfortunately shooting (the fun bit), is usually over as soon as it’s begun!

I spend a lot of time researching different shoot locations. I usually scour Instagram for the hot spots, then move onto blogposts and utilise Google Earth to try and discover some hidden gems.

After I’ve been on location and captured my photos, I spend a lot of time editing. Sometimes I’ll sit on images for months before I’m happy with the edit! Other times I can nail the edit within ten minutes or so. It really depends on the mood I’m trying to portray.

Either way, I’ve learnt to be patient. Often, coming back to a series of images a couple of days later can offer a completely new perspective. Rushing won’t achieve anything.

NC: What equipment do you use?

GC: On the ground, I use a Sony A6300.

My lenses are:

– Samyang 12mm f/2.0

– Sony 35mm f/1.8

– Sony 55 – 210mm

In the air, I use a DJI Mavic Pro. I’ve had it for three years now and it hasn’t let me down since!

NC: What advice would you give to someone wanting to follow their passion for photography?


GC: It’s cliché, but practice makes perfect. There is no better way to develop your skills than by getting out and just taking photos.

When you get home, edit and critique your shots, pick them apart. What makes a good image? Why are you happy with it? Or, why are you not?

Just keep practicing and as your skills develop, you’ll naturally find yourself getting more and more job opportunities.

Just keep going!


Thanks to George for taking part. You can find him on Instagram: @g_cooper, or on Facebook under George Cooper, Photographer.

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