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Leeds Food Tours

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Leeds Food Tours

We had the pleasure of meeting Ellen from Leeds Food Tours at a dynamic networking event in Leeds. In the early stages of her business development, Ellen expressed her interest in incorporating video production to elevate the presence of Leeds Food Tours.


Upon Ellen’s contact, we sat down over a coffee to delve into the details of her vision. It became evident that we could not only meet but exceed her expectations by delivering high-quality content tailored for their social media channels and app release.


Our collaboration culminated in an immersive full-day shoot, capturing the essence of various locations featured on the app and showcasing the intricacies of building a captivating food tour experience. The result? A series of captivating reels, engaging short videos, and a stunning collection of 100 images curated for optimal social media sharing – all aimed at spotlighting the brilliance and growth of Leeds Food Tours.


As Ellen’s business expands into new locations, we are excitedly gearing up to schedule more projects. The prospect of contributing to the continued success of Leeds Food Tours fuels our enthusiasm, and we are eager to bring our creativity and expertise to each endeavor. The journey with Ellen and her thriving business is one we eagerly anticipate, and we can’t wait to embark on the next exciting chapter together.


Leeds Food Tours