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Yorkshire Education

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Yorkshire Education

Yorkshire Education approached us with an idea—to craft a dynamic corporate brand video that not only showcases their collaborative spirit but also celebrates the meaningful partnerships they’ve cultivated with educators and schools across Yorkshire. After an insightful meeting with Heather, we devised a comprehensive plan for a two-day shoot.


The first day was dedicated to capturing the essence of their office environment, delving into the day-to-day operations, and highlighting the invaluable contributions of their dedicated team and tutors. The second day brought us to the heart of their impact—within a school setting, where we engaged intimately with the teachers to unravel the essence of why these partnerships are not just valued but cherished.


The outcome of our collaboration? A captivating 3-minute brand video, that communicates the ethos and impact of Yorkshire Education. We then took the footage and transformed it into a collection of compelling social media images. These assets are strategically repurposed to cater to their social media needs for the coming months.


Yorkshire Education